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Innovation Studios of OB have achieved initial success



After nearly half a year's efforts, the four studios of OB i-design, accessory maintenance technology, unity of one mind and special craft, which were awarded the as "model worker and craftsman innovation studio of CNAH" by CNAH Trade Union has achieved initial results.

In the end of 2018, OB started creation of the four studios, each studio had done full feasibility research on project approval, composition of innovative results, time significance, predictable economic or social benefits, etc., and finally determined the specific plan, and organized and promoted the project implementation in an orderly manner. Recently, the four studios developed the experience exchange, further understood of the current situation, difficulties and needs, gave more support and help to the studio, encouraged everyone to do their own work and the studio's creation work both right, and strived to achieve technological breakthroughs and technological innovation.


At present, the main work direction of the four innovation studios in Beijing Base was I-Design studio’s flexible display: by exploring the application of flexible display in the cabin and cooperating with technology-related enterprises, comprehensively improve the passenger experience, reduce aircraft weight and save fuel costs.


Accessory maintenance technology studio’s accessories testing system, this system can test multiple accessories at the same time, which plays an active role in breaking through the technological blockade of foreign manufacturers while improving production capacity, reducing the cost of delivery and repair, and increasing economic benefits.


Unity of one mind studio’s combustion chamber overhaul capability, combustion chamber is a core part of V2500 engine, its repair capability will bring considerable benefits for the company.


Special craft’s repair capability of V2500 engine compressor silicone rubber structure, this capability filled the domestic engine silicone rubber repair gap, and formed new overhaul capacity of V2500 engine.


OB will provide a "green channel" for the work of the studio, improve the innovation ability of core technology, cultivate more excellent talents, drive the staff to make progress, and help the industrial development of the company.

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