Education & Training
一、 Brief Introduction
Ameco Aviation College, which is an executive division under the leadership of Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering Corporation Beijing (Ameco), is a comprehensive training organization providing aviation technical courses and management courses. The training facilities are located in Beijing and Chengdu, which sum up to 21,000 square meters in total.
We are proud of being the first license holder of CCAR-147 maintenance training organization by CAAC, the first EASA-147 approved maintenance training organization in China, which is, to EASA, also the first approved training organization out of Europe. We hold the approvals of NCAR-147 maintenance training organization from Nepal Civil Aviation Authority (NCAR); the first CAAC authorized civil aircraft maintenance personnel basic skill examination station. We are one of the key examination stations for civil aircraft maintenance personnel basic license.
Ameco Aviation College provides civil aircraft maintenance theoretical basic training, basic skill training, Boeing/Airbus aircraft type rating training and component repair training fulfilling the requirement of CAAC . Our aircraft type rating training also meets the standard of both EASA Part 147 and ATA 104. Ameco Aviation College is able to provide customized training solution.
Ameco Aviation College possesses an experienced instructor team with strong professional background, as well as sufficient modernized facilities.
Our objective is to satisfy our customers. We are committed to provide training services with high quality. We are more than pleasant to contribute the success of our customers.
二、Training Equipment and Facilities
Ameco Aviation College owns the latest state-of-the-art training equipment , health sports facilities and convenient apartment for trainees.
三 、 Type Rating Training Capabilities
CAAC approved type rating courses including trade ME/AV of CAT I , CAT II and CAT I to CAT II of following types:
B737-7/8/9 (CFM Leap-1B)
B747-8 (GEnx)
B787-8/9 (RR Trent 1000)
A320Neo (PW1100G)
A330 (RR Trent700)
A340-300 (CFM56)
A350 (Trent XWB)
EASA approved course including B1 and B2 of following types
B747-400 (PW4000)
B787-8/9 (RR Trent 1000)
A330 (RR Trent700)
NCAR approved type rating courses including trade ME/AV of CAT I and CAT II of following type:
Other type related courses
Engine Run-up
Engine Line Maintenance
Cabin System
WCabin Entertainment System
四 、Basic Training Capabilities
  • Aviation Basic Training
  • ○    CAAC Approved Civil Aviation Aircraft Maintenance Basic Training ME-TA/AV
  • ○    Aviation Apprentice Training with Dual System
  • Aviation Basic Skill Training Capabilities
  • ○    CAAC Approved Civil Aviation Aircraft Maintenance Basic Training ME/AV
  • ○    Aircraft Mechanic, Engine, Electronic Standard Practice
  • ○    Pre-examination Training of License Basic Part
五、Components Repair Training Capabilities
CCAR-147 Approved 80 Components Repair Training
Aircraft Structure Repair: STR 011、012、013、014、021、022、03
Aircraft Power Plant Repair :PWT 021、04、06
Aircraft Landing Gear Repair : LGR 011、012、014、021、031、032
Aircraft Mechanic Component Repair :MEC 01、02、03、04、05、06、071、072、073、081、 082、083、084、09、10
Aircraft Avionic Component Repair :AVC 01、021、022、03、04、05、06、071、072、073、08
Aircraft Electronic Component Repair :ELC 01、02、03、04
CCAR-145 Components Repair Training
六、Management Training / Other Training
Management Training
Team Leader Training
General Development Training
Managers Training
Senior Managers Training
Central Managers of Party Affairs Training
Induction Training Campus for New Comers
Other Training
Higher Vocational Education Training Co-operating With Civil Aviation Universities
Aviation Technical English
Aviation Regulations
Human Factors
Maintenance Manuals Usage
Aircraft De-icing and Anti-icing on the ground
Toiler made customized training
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