APU Service
Auxiliary power to aircraft
Benefit with rich experience and professional engineers, Ameco has been dedicate to providing customers with comprehensive and reliable APU services, including overhaul, repair and on-wing support. Currently, Ameco's APU maintenance capacity includes GTCP131-9a /9B and GTCP 85-129h models. Ameco holds CAAC/FAA and EASA licenses. Based on the rich experience of airlines operation, we have a better understanding of APU products.
Since year of 2009, Ameco has completed over 800 APU repairs for customers. In 2018, Ameco will continue to expand GTCP 131-9A/B capacity and develop GTCP331-350/500 overhaul capacity, which has been put into production.
In addition, we can also provide APU on-wing monitoring, to make maintenance work more efficiently and accurately. The on-wing monitoring of APU is of great help to understand APU performance and formulate APU repair plan. Timely replacement of APU with fast deterioration of performance avoids greater damage to internal parts and higher maintenance costs for airlines.
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