LDG Overhaul Service
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
Launched in 1950s, LDG overhaul branch of Ameco is experienced in major repair of aircraft landing gears, including parts maintenance, surface process, NDT, thermal treatment, shot blasting and kinds of craft works, mechanical manufacturing works as well as engineering technical and customer services. It is also one of the most capable suppliers of LDG maintenance in China.
The current working area of all factories is nearly 3000 square meters, which exceeds many foreign repair stations. Workshops are consisted of over 100 professional operators and technicians.
In 2003, in order to provide profound LDG mending service to worldwide customers, Ameco, Hawker Pacific and Lufthansa established global LDG maintenance alliance having combined respective advantages. As one of the members, OBD LDG branch is considerably competitive in world stage.
So far LDG branch is serving both domestic and international customers, such as CCA, CSZ, the Air Force, HNA, CES, LH, UAL, GEC, CPA and Cebu.
By 2006, it becomes the first supplier providing LDG maintenance for B737NG、A320 and is qualified in A330/340 LDG overhaul in 2014. Nowadays, LDG subsection is not only capable of all A320 and A330 models overhaul, Boeing 737CL, 737NG and 747 aircrafts, but also devotes themselves into developing the ability of B777-300ER LDG overhaul.
Supported by the rich and valuable experience, LDG branch succeeds in offering package maintaining services as required by the customers. Meanwhile, it is also sufficient in spare LDG resources, which ensures substitute service on A320, A321, A330, B737CL, B737NG and B747-400 craft models. Last but not least, the traceability and legality of all equipment are absolutely guaranteed.
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