Business Jet Completion
Quality Innovation
Ameco Business Jet Service is one of the leaders in VIP modification and maintenance service of China and Asia Pacific. It is licensed Completion Centers and authorized Warranty Service Centers by Boeing. We offer the comprehensive cabin interior service and engineering support to customers, including aircraft cabin design, engineering technic support, completion and reliable maintenance.
In addition, we also provide optimized cabin upgrade plan to airlines.
We seek excelsior product which inherits the rich culture, history and craftsmanship to meet customer’s perfection. And we constantly innovates the modern cabin products. So we are an one-stop aircraft service center which you can trust.
Interior Design
Ameco has a professional design team, which will provide you with innovative business jet interior design solutions, airline cabin solutions and customized designs for furniture, carpets and decorations. We put ‘user experience’ in the first place and put ourselves on customer’s position to focus on details.
Whether business or private jet, luxury classic or modern style, our design is functional reasonable, comfort & graceful, feasible, airworthy. It takes advanced material and technologies, which is tailored to you a perfect cabin environment.
Rich experience and reliable engineering is a big advantage of Ameco business jet service, we provide a complete set of professional engineering solutions, including aircraft cabin interior/system upgrade, IFE modified/upgrade. We adopt advanced technology to satisfy customer's requirement flexibly.
At the same time, our engineering experts continue to provide after-sales support and technical services for your aircraft, which is your ideal engineering service guarantee.
Completion center
Ameco has a VIP manufacturing workshop and a professional technology development team,and we constantly improve innovating on furniture manufacturing and decoration,in order to meet customers’ demand of refinement, comfort and luxury.
No matter wood veneer, soft package, leather quilting, or metal surface treatment, you can see our pursuit of perfection in quality. Behind of every single delectable product, there is Ameco craftsmen’s skills, emotion and energy, which achieve originality.
Maintenance service
Ameco is committed provide comprehensive maintenance support for Boeing and Airbus aircraft to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the aircraft. Meanwhile, we can provide you the check plan and arrangement all the year round, including the accessories repairing, material procurement. So Ameco business jet service is a long-term partner.
Every client is unique, that is why we consider each aircraft interior completion as a new start, there is one thing that remains unchanged from project to project: Ameco Business Jet Service is always committed to providing you the highest quality with reasonable downtime.
  • Interior Design
  • ○    VIP & Business Jet Interior Design
  • ○    Narrow-body /Wide-body cabin solutions
  • ○    Furniture, fabric, carpet, decoration customized design
  • Engineering support
  • ○    B737family/B747/B767/B777
  • ○    A318/A319/A320/A321/A330
  • ○    airline cabin interior/IFE upgrade
  • ○    BBJ/ACJ IFE Modification
  • Completion
  • ○    Boeing BBJ licensed Completion Center
  • ○    B737/B747/B767/B777
  • ○    A318/A319/A320/A321
  • Maintence
  • ○    CAAC 、FAA、EASA 145
  • ○    Boeing BBJ Warranty Service Center
  • ○    B737-600/700/800/900
  • ○    A318/A319/A320/A321
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